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The Lip Color Quick Guide: Tips to Get You Started the Right Way

One quick way to help any girl feel confident and sassy is to throw a little color on her lips. The added drama to...

Make the Right Choice: Here Are Top Tips on Selecting Makeup Colors

Makeup can do wonders, like mask some of your flaws and blemishes while also enhancing some of your more exotic features. When deciding which...

Math in Makeup: Geometric Makeup Dazzles Beauty Gurus

Geometric makeup hit the runways in 2017 and it wasn’t long before Instagram was flooded over with angles, edges, bold colors and striking shapes...

Airbrush Makeup: What Is It and How to Do It Perfectly

You’ve probably heard about airbrush makeup, especially when it comes to the wedding industry. It’s now a popular way to apply makeup for brides,...
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