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Top Five Delivery Services to Use for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is coming faster than you think (didn’t we just finish Christmas?), and you’ll want to have a gift for your significant other.

If you’ve tried a delivery service before, such as for flowers or candy, you may have been disappointed in the past with some of the run-of-the-mill delivery services.

A little research online shows that common delivery services, like 1-800-Flowers, comes with loads of bad reviews.

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We’ve selected what we think are the best delivery services online to ensure your Valentine’s Day won’t turn into an unromantic disaster. We also included choices for different types of edible deliveries and non-perishable gifts. There’s a little something for everyone in the list below.


Roses are far from overrated. Whether you and your significant other just started dating, or you’ve been married for ten years, a bouquet of roses is a classic way to charm your dear on Valentine’s Day.

Roses can be a little pricey, starting anywhere from $50-$100 for a dozen, so the last thing you want to do is receive a box of beaten up rose petals on a special day. Roseshire is a high-quality flower delivery service that carefully packages 1-10 dozen luxury roses in a variety of styles. The roses are shipped from California in a twice-packaged box, and each rose stem is protected in individual vials to keep the roses hydrated.

There are different styles of roses, from traditional red to galaxy-themed, to Disney’s Frozen white roses. Whether you want to stay traditional and simple or treat your loved one to a specially-themed box set, Roseshire won’t let you down.

One dozen roses start at $95, which is on the higher end, but the price is worth the trust that your roses will arrive as if they were just purchased at the local flower shop.

Bloom That

If you know your valentine loves flowers, but you don’t want to stick with traditional roses, order from Bloom That. Bloom That delivers gorgeously arranged flower bouquets, wreaths and small plants that are flooding with color and flower variety.

The website offers pre-selected bouquets at different time windows, so you know you’re ordering the freshest arrangement possible. Each bouquet can come in your choice of a decorative burlap wrap with ribbon or a beautiful vase.

Bloom That delivers to your location in a way that will be best for keeping your flowers fresh: that could be by truck, car or hand-delivering (if you live near their location).

Bloom That also offers different styles of gift boxes, with snacks and trinkets, or special flower and gift pairings, like a special bouquet with a slice of birthday cake! Besides hand-picked flowers, Bloom That makes artistic succulent arrangements in wreaths or small planters. This is your go-to delivery service for not-your-average flower arrangements!


We’ve covered flowers, but what about chocolate?

Sweets for your sweet is another classic Valentine’s Day gift, but you’ll want to purchase from a business you trust will deliver chocolates that don’t taste like they’ve been in a hot van for a few hours.

Regardless of the temperature outside, zChocolat delivers boxes of fine, French chocolates in insulated, temperature-controlled packaging across the globe. They deliver to 244 destinations, normally in a two-day period.

Each chocolate is made by a French chocolatier with high-quality chocolate, minimal sugar and 100% pure cocoa butter. You can create a custom box of chocolates from a selection of 24 filling flavors. There are also a variety of candies, such as chocolate truffles, chocolate-covered orange peel, and candied nuts. Traditional zChocolat boxes start at around $40.

Cookies by Design

Okay, so your valentine isn’t a huge fan of chocolate, but they still love sweet treats!

Cookies By Design offers 60 different types of Valentine’s day cookie bouquets of shaped sugar cookies with decorative frostings. The cookies come in different designs like conversation hearts, animals holding hearts and even emojis.

You can choose between three types of colored baskets for your cookie delivery. You can also choose a cookie kit that you can decorate at home with your valentine.

If you’re not a fan of sugar cookies, Cookies By Design also delivers freshly-made gourmet cookies in flavors like chocolate chip, red velvet, oatmeal raisin, millionaire, double chocolate and white chocolate macadamia. All of the cookie assortments are delivered in a timely manner, so you’re receiving cookies that taste like they just came out of the oven. You can even send a cookie bouquet anonymously as a secret valentine. Bouquets start at $18.99 and go up to $95.99.


If you’re looking for a gift that isn’t perishable, and you’d rather send your valentine a gift that can always be cherished, Zazzle is your answer.

Zazzle offers a huge variety of personalized gifts that range anywhere from t-shirts to mugs, to watches, to pillows and more. Just about any product is a customizable canvas at Zazzle.

If you think having “I heart you” printed on a t-shirt is a little cheesy, you can also choose from a wide selection of original artists’ work. If you really want a unique gift on Valentine’s day, personally selecting an artist’s design from Zazzle would really show how much you care about your significant other.

If you’re not sure where to start on Zazzle, you can search through categories like “for him” and “for her” to get an idea to work off of. Since you’re not ordering food or flowers from Zazzle, you don’t have to be as concerned about your gift being delivered safely, which is another upside to ordering from here. Zazzle gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not happy with your order, you can always send it back.

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