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Why Adult Movies Are Actually Good for Your Love Life

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If you thought Netflix & Chill is a plainly dirty way to refer to love-making, then you might want to reevaluate your ideas about adult movies, sex and those two combined.

No, we are not talking about 50 Shades Of Grey here but in fact, watching the good old p.o.r.n (no matter if alone or together) will not ruin your relationship, contrary to a very common misbelief.

It has been proven that adult movies can actually have a great boost for your sexual life!

The two sides of the same coin

Porn is such a taboo subject that it’s no wonder if you haven’t even spoken about it with your partner yet.

It’s clear that, as with anything in this world, there is no black and white and it cannot be said conclusively if porn is good or bad for you in particular. It all comes down to your relationship and what feels comfortable for you – no one can force you into doing something you don’t want to do.

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The main reason why it is believed that adult movies are the reason behind failed relationships is the belief that men who watch porn associate themselves with other women to the point where they lose the border between strangers and their own partner and hence, they would be more likely to cheat.

While it could easily be true, it’s clear that a common belief never applies to everyone. Not all men who watch porn have a tendency to cheat. Watching porn is, in fact, even considered to be a nice relaxing activity that helps to relax muscles and calm the body.

As porn is so easily accessible nowadays, it’s seen as a major threat. However, it all boils down to one question: do you trust your partner? A porn-loving husband is in no way a sign of him losing interest in you. He might be actually learning new tricks or new ways how to please you more in the bedroom.

“Adult movies will ruin my relationship” – Wrong!

If you found out your partner has been watching porn, then take a deep breath and listen to this: everybody has watched porn and the majority of men watch it every single day!

It’s nothing new, it’s not uncommon and it’s nothing to be afraid of.

You might be asking now: “Why has he been hiding his adult movies then?”. That’s easy – it’s not a likely topic to come up in a conversation! As porn has been put under such fierce debate, he might be ashamed or frightened he’s going to lose you in case you might react negatively towards his kinky habit.

Think about porn this way: if your husband plays racing games, does it mean he will become a racer? If he plays medieval RPG games, does it mean he thinks he’s a knight and he will run to a battle to fight with dragons?

Porn is a way of studying the human body and sexual acts in a quite safe environment. As you can learn a lot from the videos, porn can boost libido and increase your sexual knowledge. One study has shown that watching 40 minutes of porn twice a week can boost your libido and that can only be good for your love life.

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Forget the myths about erectile dysfunction or excessive sex hunger – men are treated too much as animals rather than people with deep emotions. There is more to sex than just physical act – it’s about love, connection, tenderness. There is no need to be stressed if you find your husband watching porn. Perhaps you will even find something for yourself!

There are many couples who watch adult movies together – in addition to a lot of interesting ideas, you will have an unforgettable connection that no actress in the movie can replace.

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