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7 Ways to Attract the Younger Man of Your Dreams

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Maybe you have a specific younger guy in mind or generally find you’re attracted to men younger than yourself. Either way, if you’re serious about it, you’ve started asking how to get their attention. As an older woman, you may think your age is a barrier.

But you’d be surprised how little it matters to most younger guys. The biggest obstacle to dating younger guys is usually all in your head. Being willing to try to attract him is the first step.

How to make yourself as attractive as possible to a younger guy

It can be especially hard to think about yourself with a younger guy when he’s surrounded by women of his own age. We assume all guys find younger women more attractive. However, dating across the age barrier has huge benefits for both older women and younger guys.

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Once you’ve factored these tips into your routine, go where younger guys are expecting you to be. There are some great places for older women looking for younger men worth checking out in your area.

Use the tips below to stand out from the crowd and get the right guy for you.

1) Don’t try to convince him you’re younger than you are

Sadly, many older women fall at this first hurdle. You meet a cute guy at work or at a party and knowing you look good for your age, decide to avoid the age issue altogether. You get talking and flirting but give him no indication of your age. Worse still, you might lie outright.

But be warned, younger guys are attracted to older women, but not to older women with an age complex. Act your age, be proud of it, and wear it as a badge of honor. There are so many great things about being a little older and wiser and guys like it.

2) Let him look at you

After or even before a first introduction, you may notice your younger guy stealing glances your way. This is totally natural and part of a blossoming attraction. When a guy is attracted to a younger woman, he may be responding to classic youth and fertility signals. But when he’s attracted to an older woman, he’s looking at the whole package. How she behaves and the way she talks become more important to him.

So when you feel his eyes on you from the other side of the room, carry on as usual – talk, flirt, laugh, and dance. Be a little vulnerable for a minute and let him have the time to see the whole you.

3) Get into a conversation

Realistically, there are very few qualities a younger woman can offer a guy, which an older woman can’t. Take away ‘starting a family’ and you’re left with wrinkle-free skin and a possibly (but not necessarily) tighter body. However, the advantages of age are numerous. And the best one of all is the talent for conversation.

Young women can be boring. They assume their looks are enough. But through work and social situations older women have honed and perfected their conversational skills. You can keep an interaction going and make it entertaining. So, be prepared to talk to him to generate interest and attraction.

4) Don’t forget to smile

When we think about smiling, most women over thirty also think about wrinkles. Yes, smiling gives you lines but it gives everyone wrinkles while they’re smiling. Smiling also tightens the jaw and reduces the appearance of jowls.

But most importantly, smiling gives out the right signals. It says you’re interested in a guy. And being receptive to his potential advances is highly appealing.

5) Get involved in his hobbies

Many younger guys want a girlfriend who’s interested in the things they’re into. While most younger women manage to do this by supporting the same team, older women can go one better.

With a few extra years you have more of a chance of sharing some of his previous experiences. If he’s into photography, and you used to be, dust off the camera and suggest a walk around the city. If you’re both into travel let him know about a travel book reading at the bookstore. He might be impressed by your knowledge or want to show you what he knows in return. Either way, you’ll be sharing time together and building a rapport which could lead somewhere.

6) Get physical

Making sure you send out the right signals is crucial when attracting a younger guy. And the best way to do this is with touch. If you’re at an event, don’t be afraid to let a hand rest on his bicep for a few seconds to emphasize your point. At a party or wedding, ask him if he wants to dance.

Touch awakens many romantic and sexual emotions in us. And for a younger guy who is unsure of your intentions, it’s a green light. Once he knows you don’t consider him too young for you, he’ll feel safer flirting and seducing.

7) Stay on message

Going after a hot younger guy can be nerve-wracking. You’re just not sure if he likes you, if your age is a complete deal-breaker or if you’re coming across as pathetic. You make a move and get a positive response one time but on the next, you’re not too sure.

Pulling back is a natural reaction. Protecting yourself by letting him think you were just being kind to a younger – obviously too young guy – is a typical defense. But if you like him, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

Consider it from his point of view. One minute you seem into him and the next you’re acting like his aunt. He must have misread you. Now he’s embarrassed too and just wants to avoid you in case it happens again.

If you like him, keep flirting. If he doesn’t reciprocate, you’ve lost nothing. And if he does, you’re in for a lot of fun with the younger guy of your dreams.

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