Want to share something with the world?

Do you know someone who has done something remarkable that should be shared with the world?

Or maybe you’ve experienced something in your life and you think others could learn something from it?

No matter your story, Zerxza wants to hear it! We welcome personal stories from anyone who has something on their chest that they’d like to share. No matter if it’s a good or a bad experience – we’d love to hear it and publish it at Zerxza.com so others could hear about it too.

If you have a personal story or experience you’d like the world to know about, feel free to send us your story by contacting us via email at zerxza[@]zerxza.com.

Before submitting us your story, here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • You can ask us to keep you anonymous – no need to publish your name if you prefer to keep your privacy. But you can also ask us to publish your story with your name, whichever way you prefer.
  •  We accept stories about anything related to women’s lifestyle and anything that fits together with our topics – health, relationships, parenting, diet, exercise, home, work, travel. If you are a woman and have something to share, we can most likely find a place for it at Zerxza!
  • The story should have a teaching element to it – there should be a moral or a life lesson to be learned from it.
  • You can write the story yourself or you can ask us to craft the piece according to what you shared with us if you feel you don’t want to write an article yourself.
  • Sending us a piece does not guarantee publication. We reserve the right to refuse to publish the story and we are not obligated to give any further explanations of the reasons for refusal. If we refuse to publish the story, we will not use it in any way at Zerxza.com.

When sending us a story, send the email with a subject line “Personal story”.

Looking forward to reading your stories!

Zerxza’s Editorial Team