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Goal Ideas for 2020 and 5 Ways to Reach Them

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Every first of January, millions of people make a new goal. Maybe they want to lose weight or finish something they started a long time ago.

And each year, many of these goals don’t get met and they leave people feeling discouraged about the next year–so much so, that they stop making New Year’s resolutions entirely.

Not meeting your goals doesn’t mean you should give up, maybe you just need to try a different approach to achieving them. Here are five ways to attain your goals and some goal ideas for 2020.

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Set realistic goals

People make all sorts of goals for themselves, but many times, they just aren’t realistic. Do you want to lose ten pounds each month? Maybe instead set the bar a little lower, like two pounds each month.

When we set a goal that we can’t realistically reach, we become quickly discouraged and don’t make it to the second month of trying. So, set your goals to something you can reach.

Focus on the tactics

If your goal is to lose weight, don’t think about the scale every day, instead, make a follow-up goal to eat three servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

Focusing on the tactics that can help you reach your goal can keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you even need to hire a coach to help you keep your attention focused on the day-to-day tactics to reach your goal.

Think of the future

For 2020, my goal is to save money for a vacation. Knowing that I’m saving my money for something big keeps me from buying things I don’t need.

Every time I am tempted by a dinner eating out or a cute new pair of jeans, I think of how it will keep me from reaching my goal.

Celebrate milestones

If you lost some weight by the end of the month or you reached your goal in saving money, celebrate!

This doesn’t mean unnecessary splurging or eating–but maybe go out and do something fun with friends or treat yourself to something that will help encourage you to stick to your goals.


Tell your friends and family about your goals. If you know that someone is aware of your goal, you’ll be more dedicated to reaching the goal you set. Accountability can help you feel motivated and supported.

Goal Ideas

If you aren’t sure what goals to set, maybe set a goal to learn something new, change something about your habits, or try an activity.

  • Learn a new language
  • Consciously smile five times a day
  • Learn to understand car terminology and basic car repairs
  • Organize something that’s been bothering you
  • Do your own taxes
  • Learn to understand the information on a soft credit pull (and improve your credit score!)
  • Take a class on something you’ve wanted to learn (cooking, sewing, dancing, etc.)
  • Read one book each month
  • Learn to do basic home repairs
  • Plant a garden
  • Start doing self-affirmations
  • Learn photography
  • Manage your debt
  • Try meditating
  • Learn how to play an instrument

Making a goal is easy, but reaching sometimes seems hard–though it doesn’t need to be. This New Year, make a goal to do something you want to do.

Meeting your goals is much easier when you have the self-motivation to start. Focus on tactics, celebrate milestones, and tell a friend about your goal to make 2020 a great year. And when things get tough, don’t give up.

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