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7 Perfect Gifts to Promote Self-Care

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The holidays are stressful – that is not a new concept to anyone of us. With holiday shopping, decorating, family gatherings, criticism from family at said gatherings…it’s no wonder why so many get so anxious and stressed out at this time of year.

But maybe we can try to focus on the spirit of giving. Maybe this year we can help alleviate the common stressors of the season with the gifts that we give to our friends and loved ones.

Self-care is incredibly important, and we want to help you out with some great gifts that promote self-care and relaxation.

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A diffuser for aromatherapy oils is perfect for promoting relaxation in the home. Specific scents trigger and cause the release of chemicals in our bodies that help us to relax and lift our moods. Pick out a diffuser with a few different oils for your loved one that needs a little help relaxing. (Candles can be really good for this too!)

Comfy Robe

Let your friend know that it’s alright to take a break with a comfy robe, and maybe even some slippers to go with it. Encourage them to take a day to themselves to spend in their robe and watch their favorite shows, read, or do something they enjoy. It will be the perfect gift.

Aromatherapy Oils and Lotions

Along with the diffuser, oils and lotions with specific scents can promote the same relaxation and even seep into the muscles to help induce more of a physical relaxation as well. If this is for a significant other, you can even pair a few massage coupons to go with it.

Massage Certificate

After all of the stress from the holidays, the family hostess desperately needs a professional relaxation massage. Find a local massage therapist or spa to get a certificate from and give that to the loved one who needs it the most.

Chocolate (or Other Favorite Treats)

Chocolate melts away worries just as quickly as it melts in your mouth. Who doesn’t need that after a crazy gathering with their family? There are all sorts of chocolate gift baskets and boxes to choose from around the holidays at malls, bookstores, major retailers, and grocery stores. Or you can pick out their favorite chocolate or another treat.

Delicious foods help relieve stress – just make sure not to overdo it or your gift might have the opposite effect when all is said and done.


Some people get their stress out by writing down their thoughts and feelings in a journal. If you have any writers on your friends' list, this might be the perfect gift to help them come to their happy place and release some built up tension. Pick up a nice journal and some quality pens to go with it and your gift will be one of the favorites.


Tea, especially herbal teas like chamomile and peppermint, can help relax the body and mind. So pick up a box for the tea drinker in your life and get a cute mug (or two) to go with it.

These are just a few of the common things that help promote self-care and relaxation. But you know your loved ones best. Find something that will help them relax after a season of stress.

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