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Turn Back the Clock: Try These 10 Ways to Feel Younger

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Are you starting to feel like you’d rather sit on the bench than ride the roller coaster? If this sounds familiar then you might be feeling your age. If you’re searching for ways to feel younger then this is the perfect list for you. Here are ten helpful tips to help turn back the clock a little.

  1. Water – If you are wanting to look and feel younger then drinking water needs to be a solid habit in your life. When you are dehydrated, water leaves your face, making your wrinkles stand out bold and strong.
  2. Soak Up the Sun – Step outside and enjoy the day. Besides the wonderful fresh air, going outside gives your body a chance to get some natural vitamin D, just make sure to put on your sunscreen if it’s a sunny day.
  3. Adrenaline Blast – If you want to feel younger try to do some activities that get your heart pumping. Mental Floss says that adrenaline, “also reacts by increasing the number of antioxidants circulating in your system, which combat the free radicals that can cause aging and tissue damage.”
  4. Service – Performing an act of service can help you feel younger by getting your mind off of your own aches and pains as you take care of someone else. Help a friend garden or sit and chat with someone that needs a visit.
  5. Keep Learning – Never stop learning. If you have the time and means, go back to college and get your degree or get a second degree. Or you could pick up a hobby. Learn to paint, or play an instrument that you’ve always been interested in.
  6. Friends – Make time to be with your friends. Social interaction is important to help keep the wheels in your brain turning and help you forget about your worries. If you don’t have friends that you feel like you could call up and go out to lunch with then consider joining a book group or some other organization you can get involved in.
  7. Regenerative Medicine – Walker Spine and Sports Specialists say that “Regenerative medicine is a game-changing procedure, which has the potential to offer patients relief that before now was impossible.” So if you have pain that is keeping you from feeling young you might want to talk with your doctor about regenerative medicine options.
  8. Stretch – If you wake up sore and cramped you might want to add stretching to your daily routine. If you stretch before you go to sleep it will help your muscles to relax. Stretching after you wake up can help your body to wake up and be ready for the day.
  9. Exercise – Take time a few days a week to exercise. You don’t have to run a 5K, but get your body moving and your heart rate up. This might be a walk around the park with your dog or playing sports with your kids in the backyard.
  10. Positive Thoughts – Your thoughts dictate a lot of how you feel. If you decide you are old, then you will feel all of your aches and pains. If you decide age is just a number then almost nothing can get in your way.

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