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Although pasta is a stereotypical Italian food, it’s a kitchen staple loved by everybody. And what’s not to love? It’s versatile, easy to cook with, and a quick dinner solution for busy people.

But if you’re starting to get bored with good old Mac-n-Cheese, or want to make pasta healthy, here are 14 delicious pasta dishes that will wow everyone at the table.

  1. Lasagna Noodle Kugel

First of all, who said lasagna noodles are only good for that layered luxury we all know as, well, lasagna? Lasagna noodles are also great for something sweet and cozy, like this lasagna noodle kugel.

Warm flavors like vanilla, cream and apricots make this a nice dessert you can either serve fresh out of the oven or as a weekend treat with your Sunday morning coffee.

  1. Italian Pasta Fruit Salad

Make this a day ahead and serve as a cool treat after your next barbecue. You get to use adorable pasta called, Acini di pepe, which are teeny tiny little balls. Mix them with a sweet sauce and top with your favorite fruits like pineapple, oranges, cherries, and grapes. This recipe is a great place to start.

  1. Pasta di Cacao

Ladies, there are some days when all you want is a big bowl of pasta, with a side of all the chocolate in your house. This recipe gives you both. This is a chocolate pasta that you can make yourself, but it’s well worth all of your efforts, and your heart and soul with thank you for it. We promise.

  1. Vegan Creamy Cauliflower Pasta

Vegans won’t miss traditional béchamel sauce when they taste this yummy alternative using cauliflower, cashews, garlic, and nutmeg. You can pour it over spiral noodles or any tube-shaped pasta. Then, top with chopped parsley and olive oil, and bon appetite!

  1. Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake

Now, this might not be as healthy as the vegan option above, but for those who love that Buffalo, NY staple – chicken wings – this will be a winner. This crowd pleaser is a great way to feed your family.

And if you double the batch, you can easily have leftovers later in the week. It only takes about 30 minutes to prepare, from start to finish, and you can adjust the spice level to everybody’s likings.

  1. 15 Minute Yakisoba Noodle Bowl

Most of the time, when we think of pasta, we immediately think of Italian cuisine in the heart of Tuscany. But did you know that Asians have been enjoying noodles for centuries, too?

This dish combines healthy vegetables like seaweed, cabbage, broccoli, and oriental flavors to give you a new twist in the world of pasta.

  1. Vegan Stuffed Shells with Chickpea Ricotta

Swap out traditional ricotta cheese with a humble legume and you’ve got an equally delicious pasta dish.  Using chickpeas, cashews, and several other kitchen staples, you can reinvent stuffed shells that make you feel great inside and out.

Serve with a traditional marinara sauce, or with vegetable oil of your choice.

  1. Pasta ai Quattro Formaggi

If you like Mac-n-Cheese, you are going to go gaga for this dish. It translates to “Pasta with Four Cheeses.” So, if you have a dairy allergy, steer clear of this dish. But for all others, step up to the table and enjoy this oozing plate of pasta.

A mix of Fontina, Goat, Parmesan and Romano cheese combines to create a comfort food that will make all your worries vanish with the first forkful.

  1. Chicken Pasta Loaf

This easy recipe is a clever way to use up old leftovers like chicken and pasta. It’s the happy marriage of a casserole and meatloaf, and the nice thing about this dish is that you can easily exchange ingredients.

For example, use beef instead of chicken if that’s what’s in your fridge. You can switch up the cheese flavors, and have fun selecting a new and different pasta shape each time you make this.

  1. Moroccan Pasta

Fill your kitchen with the beautiful aromas of Moroccan cuisine as you serve up a yummy dish of savory pasta.

This recipe includes lamb and cellentani pasta, along with a myriad of warm spices, like cinnamon and turmeric. It’s perfect for a special night in.

  1. Chicken Mole Casarecce

Casarecce pasta may have probably never tasted so good as it does in this dish. Chili, cumin, and cinnamon get together with chocolate chips in a deeply flavorful dish that hits the spot.

It’s for sure nothing you’ll see on a local menu, so wow your family and friends with this unique creation.

  1. Spaghetti with Marmite

Marmite may be unfamiliar to American kitchens, but it’s a common item in many British homes. And no one can better persuade us to try it than the beautiful food personality, Nigella Lawson.

In her recipe, Nigella Marmite makes it possible to enjoy savory, “day-after-the-roast” pasta, all with the addition of marmite, a simple yeast extract.

  1. Mexican Pasta Bake

Normally, we don’t think of pasta when we think of Mexican cuisine. But pasta is a perfectly acceptable substitute for corn tortillas, rice, and all the other typical staples. It’s a delicious dinner, and incredibly easy to throw together.

You simply bake your pasta with corn, beans, and tomatoes, along with a delicious avocado sauce and cilantro. Make it gluten-free with alternative pasta, and go vegan by substituting the dairy items with your favorite substitute.

  1. Vegan Cheesy Lentil Lasagna

Instead of making a separate meal for your vegan friends or family members, make this Cheesy Lentil Lasagna that everyone can enjoy together. The lentil Bolognese sauce is so filling and delicious that no one will even miss the meat! You can opt for gluten-free lasagna noodles and dairy-free cheeses to create a lasagna that can hold its own against traditional, Italian fares.

Btw, did you know there are about 350 different pasta shapes in the world! Don’t you think it’s time to branch out and explore the incredible world of pasta and bring something new to your dinner table at home?

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