Not Just Clothing: Unexpected Products That Fashion Designers Have Created


Brands like Ralph Lauren, Armani, Diesel, Fendi and others usually relate with clothing, accessories and runway looks. However, almost all luxury brands have equally stunning home decor items or some other unique products that you wouldn’t normally expect to see among fashion designer products.

Fashion designers have used for creating these items one thing they know the best: patterns and colors. Therefore, you may not be surprised to hear most designers have some bedding, rugs, linen or some other fabric products in their selection – it’s almost like the natural course of product development.

Besides fabric-related items, there are many designers who have expanded their product lines to furniture, tableware and other useful decor items. Similarly to their clothing collections, these items are nothing close to ordinary – the products have either quirky color scheme that you may not see anywhere else or they might have some interesting details like gold plated elements or hand painted drawings.

Here are the best 10 products or collections by famous fashion designers and we bet you might be surprised! 

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