Would You Spend $405 On A White T-Shirt?


For more than a few years now, fashion bloggers and fashion lovers all over the world have gone insane over one trend – Celine Paris T-shirts. The trend actually got its wings after public saw Rihanna wearing the shirt at the airport a while back and after that – everybody went crazy! I mean – if Rihanna wears it, we MUST wear it as well and spend enourmous amount of money on a plain white t-shirt. Right?


No doubt that there is nothing wrong with wearing a classic piece and we have to be honest – white goes with everything: here I give credits to whoever came out with the idea of producing such shirts because they are genius – what could be a better marketing plan (and way to get some cashy-cashy) than let a celeb promote their new piece and drive all fashion lovers crazy. You thought it’s a cool trend, right? But why did you think it? Let me answer this to you – because the people behind the brand made you think that! They are artifically making you love the piece even if in the wider perspective it’s just a plain white shirt with nothing special about it, other than that some idiot put the name of the label on it and boom – raised the worth of the shirt. The Celine shirt costs 405$ ! It’s a white t-shirt with ONE word on it. For the same amount of money you could get 17 Zara printed shirts that would. If I see anyone wearing the shirt what comes to my mind is that the person just has too much money and is angry on ones wealth so they decide to spend it on nonsense crap that really don’t do any good for them.

As controversial and stupid the trend might be, we still have to admit – Celine isn’t the first one and probably won’t be the last one since there are always some who’d buy a “designer t-shirt” for crazy price since it’s still a “designer piece”. In the end, it’s not the labels fault because they are genuinely just trying to make their living and the runway-looks aren’t always available for everybody to buy so they have to launch some simple products in order to keep the brand running. It’s all business, that’s all.

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Also, I must give credit to the girls who have styled it since it doesn’t look bad, that’s not the case at all. A simple white shirt is a great thing to style and it suits everywhere but the idea of someone buying the shirt because “it’s trendy” and has a designer label on it, makes me want to vomit. As much as I don’t love quality brands, I would rather buy 17 Zara shirts, than one white tee that has the label on it.

Now, if you like the trend and idea of wearing this kind of thingy but you don’t want to spend your whole salary on a t-shirt, there are so many other opportunities. You can make the shirt yourself and be proud of your DIY. Here are some links to find clever ideas to make your very own Celine T-shirt.

DIY Celine T-shirt tutorials:

Designer tees aren’t necessarily a bad thing and if you’re clever in styling, it will most likely look super awesome. I don’t approve spending crazy amounts of money on such items though and I think following a trend and starving til the end of the month so you could wear a designer tee is more than insane. Instead of that, be creative and do it yourself!

What do you think about the Celine Paris T-shirt? Would you spend that much on a plain t-shirt? What’s your take on designer label on the shirt?