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Europe has always been the epitome of clockmaking, ever since Rolex established itself as the frontrunner of luxury watches. But Swiss have a tough competition coming from a country that has always been known for their great craftsmen: Denmark.

Nordgreen, a high-quality watch manufacturer, was established just in 2017 but has already made waves thanks to its unique approach that focuses on sustainability. And as you can expect from a Scandinavian company, all of their designs incorporate amazing minimalism that looks effortlessly beautiful.

With its quintessentially Danish design and noble mission, Nordgreen has been touted as the “next big thing on the Scandinavian design scene” by Huffington Post and their Kickstarter project garnered the interest of almost 2900 backers who supported Nordgreen with over $400 000.

Though Nordgreen itself is a very young company, its team is impressive. The brand's chief designer is a renowned Danish designer Jakob Wagner who has a 25-year experience behind him, together with hundreds of designs in his portfolio.

Within just a few years, Nordgreen has not just gathered a great following, but some prestigious awards as well. The brand's Pioneer Chronograph, a minimalistic men's watch, was awarded the 2020 Red Dot Award in the Design category.

Sustainability comes first for Nordgreen

It's no secret that Scandinavia as a whole is one of the leaders in sustainable living, being a great example to the US as well.

What makes Nordgreen so thoroughly Danish is not just the fact that most of their team uses a bicycle to get to work. Every aspect of their manufacturing process follows sustainability principles. For example, they're helping to plant thousands of trees in order to make their production essentially carbon-neutral. Their online store even uses special promotion codes – for every such code used, they'll donate 5 trees toward reforestation efforts.

Another key element in Nordgreen's work is its Giving Back Program. Nordgreen has partnered up with several charitable organizations in order to improve health, education, and the environment as a whole all over the world.

And of course, even their packaging is sustainable, even to the point where the felt inside the watch's box is made of up-cycled plastic bottles.

During times when so many fashion companies have suffered backlash due to their lack of environmental approach, Nordgreen comes like a breath of fresh air. Yes, they're creating beautiful stylish accessories but at the same time, they're putting immense efforts into making the world a better place for everyone.

Nordgreen's women's watches have both beauty and the brains

nordgreen watches

Though Nordgreen's men's watch won the prestigious design award, their women's watches deserve a spotlight of their own. If you care about style, design, and quality, Nordgreen's women's rose gold watches tick all those boxes.

Contrary to a common belief, rose gold jewelry doesn't necessarily mean it looks “girly”. Nordgreen's watches look very professional – even so, that it would be an honor to wear one in serious meetings. That's all thanks to the brilliant Danish design that looks sleek no matter if you choose a silver watch or a rose gold one.

Nordgreen's watches are highly customizable as well. In addition to having multiple options when it comes to the dial color or case itself, you can order a strap bundle and change the watch's strap according to your outfit. If you are working in a challenging environment, you can go for their stainless steel strap or if you're looking for some extra-fine quality, their Italian leather strap should do the trick. Nordgreen has even a vegan leather strap!

And to top that off, Nordgreen watches are water-resistant too (not waterproof though, so don't plan on going swimming with your watch).

Sapphire glass and Miyota components in every watch make it even more clear that Nordgreen is not messing around.

If you're wondering about the price, Nordgreen's watches are actually surprisingly budget-friendly, considering the value you get. Most models cost around 200 euros which is roughly $225. Nordgreen throws in a 2-year warranty and free worldwide shipping too.

If you're tired of looking for your smartphone whenever you want to check the time or you just want to boost your productivity by reducing your phone use, a timeless watch is the way to go. With Nordgreen's beautiful Danish design, you simply can't go wrong.

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