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How to Wear Hazelnut in Winter

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January – the month of fresh starts, chilly winds, wintery coziness… What’s even more exciting is the freshness January brings to fashion.

January is the perfect time for light and a bit sensual looks. Imagine cream, coffee, chocolate cake. That’s why we have chosen Hazelnut-Cream-Beige as the color palette for January.

Hazelnut also happens to be one of the Pantone 2017 fashion colors and we can see clearly why. This soothing and mild color suits together with everything, starting from other neutral colors and ending with bright neons. There’s just no way of going wrong with creamy tones!

What’s even better, it doesn’t matter if you are usually more on the colder or warmer color side – Hazelnut, as a neutral, compliments every girl.

To inspire you for wearing Hazelnut and Cream, we’ve put together these 10 outfits that are perfect for different occasions. January is the month of Hazelnut!

1. Sexy Chic Beauty

This look combines two rather opposite styles: edgy sexiness and mild boho. Opposites attract and same goes for these styles. Sleek thigh-high boots together with matching leather skirt create the perfect out-of-the-box feel while mild champagne-colored top with a toned cardigan takes the sexiness and turns it into a bit naughty yet confident look that looks great on anyone who wants to make a lasting impression.

SweatyRocks Women's Knit Crop Top Ribbed Sleeveless Halter Neck Vest Tank Top (Medium, Apricot)

2. Cozy Sunday Brunch

Creamy colors are almost made for a cozy night at home or a lovely Sunday brunch with your friends. This look is created keeping in mind those lazier days where you’d just love to snuggle up in your oversized cardigan and comfy stretchy jeans. If you love comfort, then this is the look for you.

Splendid Women's Crewneck Short Sleeve Tee T-Shirt, Navy/Off White, Small
Imily Bela Womens Kimono Batwing Cable Knitted Slouchy Oversized Wrap Cardigan Sweater White

3. As Classy As Can Get

Neutrals are beautiful for classy evenings and date nights as well. If you want to take the look a notch further, combine neutrals with a dash of neons. By the way, neons are also making a huge comeback in 2017 so we can expect to see a lot more flashy colors!

4. Rock It out

Cream seems like such a “girly-girl” color, doesn’t it? But it’s not! For rocking chicas, cream and hazelnut are wonderful companions to black. Why not put together a kinky cream bralette with your favorite leather jacket?

LC2701 Ladies Black Basic Classic Motorcycle Premium Leather Jacket with plain sides,Medium
Sale Amazon Brand - Core 10 Women's Icon Series - The Warrior Mesh Legging, Black, Small

5. Brightest Fashionista

Hazelnut comes in many different versions and tones, including sparkling bronze-golden shimmers. For glamorous cocktail parties, a light sparkling skirt that is mixed together with intriguing burgundy is guaranteed to get all the eyes on you.

6. A Little Sassy Yet Classy

A take on boho-chic, what could go together better than different materials, cuts and tone-in-tone? Leather and wool, stripes and different creamy tones – though there is a lot going on in this outfit, it doesn’t overpower the wearer’s charm and you are guaranteed to give the vibe of a woman that knows her worth and isn’t afraid to show it!

Design by Olivia Women's Long Sleeve Zipper Closure Moto Biker Faux Leather Jacket Burgundy S
SheIn Women's Summer Basic Plaid Flared Pleated Mini Skater Skirt X-Small Black

7. Let’s Mix It Up

This look puts together best items for different worlds – leather for edginess, pink for girly-girls, cardigan/poncho for boho-chic, booties for classy and top for sexiness. Don’t be afraid to experiment because eclectic style is what makes the world so interesting. Combine the items you love and you are guaranteed to look your finest!

Lovful Women's Reversible Blanket Poncho Cape Sweater Coat Shawl Cardigans,Khaki
Sale Onlymaker Ankle Boots for Women Classic Pointy Toe Dress High Heels Shoes Bootie Black 10 M US
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8. Fashionable at the Office

We haven’t forgotten about you, office ladies, either! If you have a busy day which starts with some work around the desk and involves some chic-casual meetings/dinner, you’ll need a versatile outfit that can work fine for all occasions. These Hazelnut pants are perfectly light and loosely fitted so you wouldn’t feel “bounded”, yet throwing on a classic blazer is perfect for the day-time. For dinner parties, just take the jacket off and let your sexy top shine. That’s one heck of a girl boss there!

9. Dash of Red

We at Zerxza love neutrals with color flashes and that love was the inspiration for this simple look. It’s perfect for running errands, especially thanks to the big warm coat that keeps you perfectly snuggled during chillier days.

However, if you need a quick turn to a bit sexier side, just let your classy dress shine – though conservative, little cut-outs on the shoulders show just enough of bare skin to show what a mesmerizing and confident lady you are!

10. Cutie Meets Chic

Hazelnut is practically made for snuggly cardigans, but instead of matching the cardi with some jeans or sweats, why not take the sweater out when going on a party? Heels, tiny clutch and tightly fitting skirt add a touch of sexiness while the little bow and soft cardigan maintain the perfect balance.

How to Wear Hazelnut – Real-Life Inspiration

Hazelnut and neutrals never grow old, so as you can imagine, fashionistas from all over the world are loving these creamy tones this winter. Here are some examples from real-life – all of these are fabulous from top to bottom!

From left to right: Anna Gotsyk | DaisyLine | Laura YazdiKristine Agabaian

Neutrals are by far the most versatile tones so when it comes to wearing hazelnut, there’s just one thing to remember: the world is your oyster! No matter your age, personal style, body shape or usual color tones. As a reminder, here’s a quick list of tips for wearing hazelnut on a daily basis:

  • Mix it together with a dash of neons – a clutch, jewelry, shoes or a belt are great for giving some spice to the mild tones.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear multiple shades of hazelnut & cream altogether in one outfit – don’t worry about looking “blah”, you’ll actually create a lasting impression!
  • If you want to add some edginess, miz creamy colors together with leather and use versatile (or even contradicting) materials.
  • Hazelnut & beige tones look especially beautiful together with wine red, burgundy, bright red, orange and black. However, don’t be afraid to put it in combinations with other colors as well!

How do you like to wear your creamy tones? Share your looks with us too down in the comments!

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