85 Most Amazing Fall Wedding Dress Ideas


Fall wedding dress ideas
There is something magical about fall. Maybe it is the chilly air, falling leaves or the anticipation of winter and snow. Whatever it is, the romantic feel of the season simply urges to have a fall wedding!

Fall weddings are not only sensationally romantic, they are memorable. When summer wedding, though amazingly beautiful as well, is quite popular, then fall wedding is a bit less traditional and suits for those gals who are looking to throw a mesmerizing one-of-a-kind wedding party.

As always, all eyes are on the bride. A special season like this requires similarly special wedding gown. That’s why we have gathered together 85 absolutely breathtaking wedding dress ideas that suit perfectly for a fall wedding. Whether it’s a lacey wonder or a sleeved beauty, you can bet there is a design that will inspire you. Who knows, maybe this inspires you to throw your wedding in fall!

PS! As it would take a whole day for you to scroll through singular images, we have compiled the designs together into collages. Take a look at your favourite category – lace, sleeves, coverups, colorful or unusual – and one look will tell you what suits you the best! 

Lace Wedding Dress Ideas for Fall Wedding

Lace wedding dress ideas for autumn

Ahh lace! What girl can say NO to a lacey wedding gown? Lace is actually the perfect material for any season but with the romantic feel that fall has it suits especially well.

The most popular pick by far is to have a fully laced dress, perhaps even in a cream or ivory color to match the color palette of the nature. The design options are endless – you can have a body tight mermaid type, a wavy light gown or a classy lacey dress that hugs your silhouette. Whatever your design preference is, laced wedding dress will never let you down.

Fall Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

fall wedding dresses with sleeves

A sleeved wedding dress is the most widely prefered design for fall weddings and that for a pretty obvious reason: weather. If you have always dreamt of outdoorsy weddign, then you cannot help but choose a sleeved dress. You wouldn’t like to say your wows while shivering, would you?!

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It’s not only a practical pick though. Sleeved wedding dresses simply ooze elegance. The sleeves are often made of lace or other see-through materials so it would be wise to mention that even if they cover your arms, it’s not a big help in a cold weather. Nevertheless, it is the pefect pick if you prefer an elegant, timeless look.

Classy Wedding Dresses with Coverups for Fall Wedding

wedding dresses with coverups

A jacket is usually something you are not thinking of matching with a fabulous wedding gown. However, even if it sounds strange, a jacket (or a coverup) can look mesmerizing! Even better, it will protect you from the cold so if you feel that a sleeved dress will not do the trick, a jacket is the way to go, just like the ladies on the pictures prove.

There are plenty of options for styling a jacket as well. For a bit more timeless look, you can combine the dress with a furry soft jacket, a white blazer or a costume jacket that matches the look of the dress (like on the 5th picture on the bottom row).

The other way to go is to step outside the box and match a fancy gown with a complete opposite – a leather biker jacket, denim jacket or why not even with a plaid shirt! These ideas are definitely for an unconventional woman who desires to make an impression with the wedding look. If your everyday style is casual and townboyish, then we suggest take your favourite jacket and put it on the dress. It might seem odd, but that’s where the beauty lies – breaking the boundaries!

Colorful & Funky Wedding Dresses for Fall

colorful wedding dress ideas for fall

What else says more like “fall” than colors? Wedding dresses haven’t been simply white for a long time now. If you love fall colors and you want to dress up in a completely untraditional manner, then go for a custom made colorful wedding dress.

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One of the most popular options is to implement violet tones in your dress – for example, you can have a purple underlay or even violet ombre. Orange and yellow are not far behind when it comes to their popularity. You will make a long-lasting impression to all the guests with a stunning ombre or dip-dye dress like these and you can bet noone else in the whole wide world will have the exact same dress like you did – that’s the beauty of custom colored dresses.

Out-of-The-Ordinary Wedding Dress Designs for Fall

unusual wedding dresses

You are the star of the wedding so you get to decide which direction to take with your dress. Fall is mysterious and magical, so why not incorporate that idea in your dress? There are dozins of creative and rather unusual wedding dress ideas.

Lately it has been popular to ditch the good old white completely and go for a darker dress – like black, dark purple, burgundy or forest green. These colors are almost like synonyms with fall so if you are thinking of going for something rather different, then fall is the time to do it.

A wedding is like a girls’ personal fairytale – you are the princess and you choose how the story  goes. Fall is the perfect time to marry in a dress that looks like it came straight from a fairytale book. Magical & romantic – there’s no better time in the year to bring your creative wedding dress ideas to life!

Picture courtesy: Pinterest. 



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