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4 Aesthetic Procedures to Get If You Are Afraid of Plastic Surgery

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Everyone has their few things that they love about themselves, but most people also have that one thing they wish they could change.

In the time and age that we live in, we are lucky enough to have medical procedures that can help us change the things we want to help us feel better about ourselves.

But some are afraid to turn to plastic surgery mainly because it involves surgery, and they don’t want to risk going under anesthesia and the recovery that is involved with painful stitches and the changing of bandages.

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The good news is that there are ways to get the results of plastic surgery without necessarily having actual surgery.

Here are four types of aesthetic procedures that are non-invasive and great for those who want the results without the long and painful process of surgery.

1. Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a type of non-invasive procedure where you stand in a super cold tank which causes your blood vessels to constrict and your body to burn calories due to the cold putting your body in a panic mode.

Although for the duration of the treatment the cold is pretty uncomfortable, especially because it’s usually set at around -90 Celsius, the process itself is not typically painful and the recovery afterward is actually good for the skin and joints.

This type of therapy actually used to be used by athletes to relieve pain and accelerate their recovery time, and that’s why it’s a great option for those who want a more svelte figure but without any long surgery or recovery time.

2. CoolSculpting

This is a procedure that has only become recently popular and it is now known as the non-invasive sister of liposuction.

Coolsculpting also uses cold technology to freeze unwanted fat deposits which lie beneath the skin and then the body is supposed to naturally flush it out.

It is done through paddles that attach itself to the areas you want to have the fat removed from, and are attached through suction. So, other than the cold and the very mild discomfort of the suction of the paddles, there is not any anesthesia that needs to be applied and absolutely no stitches or scars, and the entire procedure is done in less than an hour.

3. Injectables

More than lip jobs can be done with an injection of fillers; nowadays things like nose jobs, neck lifts, and undereye procedures can be done this way.

Now, these type of injectables may involve a little numbing cream and some swelling and bruising, but compared to the plastic surgery of yesteryear it’s still a lot less invasive.

4. Cellinea

Cellinea is a procedure to help those who want to get rid of cellulite, especially in the butt and thigh area.

This type of procedure is also minimally invasive and done within an hour or two.

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