Kids Makeup – Is It Okay For My Daughter To Wear Makeup?


It is completely natural for your little girl to show interest at some point towards wearing makeup. Though it seems like a taboo and most parents are terrified of their child wearing makeup because of the horrendous things shown in Toddlers and Tiaras, you really shouldn’t feel that way. Kids makeup, designed especially for the little ones, is a new hot trend and you really don’t want to miss this trend train!

Kids makeup – safe and fun way for your daughter to express herself

If you found your daughter taking a sneaky look into your makeup bag or she has shown interest towards wearing some, it shouldn’t be taken as a bad sign or a taboo. In fact, most parents fail in dealing with this issue correctly and instead of boosting their child’s confidence, they crush it and forbid to wear makeup at all. Forbidden fruit is the most tempting one and therefore, you should never restrain her from trying makeup as when doing so, she will rather do it behind your back and continue, rather than come to you the next time with a question. That’s not something you want, now is it?

After she has shown some interest towards makeup, there are several things you can do to support her ideas. The age of your daughter doesn’t matter – whether she’s 5 or 15, it is still the same.

Here are some pointers we recommend when your little girl wants to wear makeup:

  • Find out why she considers makeup to be necessary for her. Girls start expressing interest for wearing cosmetics for 2 reasons: they want to “act” like grown-ups and be similar to their mom and secondly, they don’t feel “beautiful” enough. The first one applies more to younger girls who like to imitate their parents and see makeup as one of the ways of showing their affection towards their mom. The second one and a bit more harsh situation applies to teenage girls mostly who might have encountered some confidence-lowering situations at school and therefore feel the necessity to wear makeup as a way to boost their confidence. It doesn’t take more than just a little talk, asking her why she likes makeup and wants to wear it. Do it sincerely and delicately and she will tell you all about the reasons behind it.
  • After the talk, you should definitely express your opinion on the matter but again, do it delicately as you don’t want to crush her inspiration. Just let her know you think she doesn’t need makeup as she is beautiful exactly the way she is!
  • Now to the fun stuff. For her young tender skin it is definitely not the best to wear your makeup or your dark, sexy red lipstick but there are actually tons of kids makeup that is completely safe for little girls! Everything from nail polishes, shiny lip glosses, glittery eye shadows … Even better, you can buy her a little make up bag and put there different make up products that are especially meant for little girls. By doing this, you are showing her your support which means, later in life she will also trust you with her decisions. Moreover, she will learn how to use different make up products and wi
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Wearing kids makeup is safe and fun way to express creativity. You shouldn’t avoid it nor forbid her wearing makeup as sooner or later she will do it anyways. It’s better to teach her to use makeup the right way and in the right amount so she will use cosmetics reasonably in the future as well. Avoiding the question will only lead her to self-doubt, confusion and lack of trust towards you.