Ways to Finance College Education if You’ve Exhausted Scholarship Options

13 Ways to Finance College Education if You’ve Exhausted Scholarship Options

In the 2016-2017 academic year, students paid about $10,000 a year for public colleges and up to $34,000 if they went to a private institution. These numbers are keeping many young hopefuls out of college classrooms. But you don’t have to bury your dreams of earning a college degree just because it’s gotten so expensive. […]

Can You Have a Healthy Lifestyle When You’re Very Busy?

Can You Have a Healthy Lifestyle When You’re Very Busy?

Designed by asier_relampagoestudio / Freepik When you spend your time doing everything else – from work, to family, to errands – it’s hard to fit in time for your health goals. And with so much to do, you really don’t want to spend your downtime exercising, or making sure you didn’t go overboard at lunch. […]

Does Being an Introvert Mean You’re Unsociable

Does Being an Introvert Mean You’re Unsociable?

Introverts might not be the life of the party, but that doesn’t mean they’re unsociable or antisocial. On the contrary, their quiet, introverted nature isn’t an antisocial position at all. It’s simply how they experience society. But it’s easy to misunderstand this, and unfortunately introverts get a bad rap because many people just don’t understand […]

How to Choose Between Yoga vs Pilates

Did You Know These Surprising Differences? Yoga vs Pilates

From the outside looking in, yoga and Pilates might seem interchangeable. They both use low-impact movements and body resistance to progress through the sequence. Plus, both yogis and Pilates enthusiasts roll out their mats in matching gym apparel. But there are actually some key differences between these two, popular workouts. And knowing these can help […]

How to Cope with Routine in Spring

How to Cope with Routine in Spring

Even though spring is such a hopeful and long-awaited season, it can be hard to deal with once it finally arrives. That’s because you’ve probably gotten used to a winter routine. And even though you hate the cold, you’ve gotten used to that, too. So, if you find yourself having a hard time dealing with […]

Rural Versus Urban

Rural Versus Urban: Why Rural Areas are the New Manhattan

Townhouses and condos are history. The wealthier 1% of America is deciding more and more to move away from urban areas and relocate to small rural communities. More than that, the statistics are showing that people living in rural communities tend to be happier, healthier, live longer and even the level of education is said […]

epic halloween costume fails

When Halloween Costumes Go Wrong: 21 Epic Halloween Fails

If there’s one thing Internet is really good for, it’s laughs and oh my what fabulous laughs Halloween costumes can bring. We all know that feeling when something is really good in our thoughts but after crafting the thing it doesn’t really … well, represent the same thing. That’s the case with the costumes in […]