How to Decorate a Luxurious and Rustic Home with Antique Furniture

How to Decorate a Luxurious and Rustic Home with Antique Furniture

In the world of home décor, the sky’s the limit. And yes, even rustic and luxurious styles can coexist in peaceful harmony. That might seem like a big challenge, since rustic evokes lots of exposed wood and cast iron, while luxury screams soft velvets and satiny looks. But you can certainly compliment these apparent opposites […]

Not Just Clothing: Unexpected Products That Fashion Designers Have Created

Not Just Clothing: Unexpected Products That Fashion Designers Have Created

Brands like Ralph Lauren, Armani, Diesel, Fendi and others usually relate with clothing, accessories and runway looks. However, almost all luxury brands have equally stunning home decor items or some other unique products that you wouldn’t normally expect to see among fashion designer products. Fashion designers have used for creating these items one thing they […]

How To Dress Your Pets For Halloween: Adorable Pet Costumes

How To Dress Your Dogs For Halloween: 19 Adorable Dog Costumes

Who says your furry friend can’t have fun with some creative holiday costumes? They sure can! Even though it might feel off for some to dress their dog for Halloween, we can’t deny there are some utterly adorable dog costumes that are simply too good to deny. Let’s be honest, as dog owners, we have […]

How To Make Halloween Props On Budget: Paper Halloween Decorations

How To Make Halloween Props On Budget: 13 Cool Paper Halloween Decoration DIY’s

If you live in the kind of a neighborhood where holiday decorations are taken so seriously as if a life depended on it, you know what a struggle it is to keep up with the pace of the whole block. Putting some pumpkins on the front porch is just not going to cut it – […]

safe glass table tops and dining tables

Are Glass Table Tops Safe? Definitive Guide to Glass Tables

There is a mysterious, even perhaps sensual feel to glass decor. Whether it’s a table, big windows or some delicate decor details, glass makes an impression. That’s the reason why glass table tops are considered to be one of the most appealing and classy interior design options. Glass table tops are as much beautiful as […]

shipping container home

Shipping Container Home – A Tiny Modern Miracle

Shipping container homes are not only the new hot trend spreading across the country but they are ergonomic, clever and incredibly affordable to build! These factors have made shipping container home the new to-go design when thinking about building your home. Despite the shipping container home looking like a small miracle, there are some things […]

100 Ideas For Wooden Pallets Furniture

Recycling is not only trendy, it’s friendly for your wallet and even friendlier for environment. Everybody wins! However, have you ever thought about upcycling your wooden pallets? I bet you all have at least a couple of pallets lying around somewhere. The funny thing is, wooden pallets can be used incredibly creatively for making furniture. […]

Home Repairment

Home Repairment: How To Hire A Good Handyman?

It’s not a shame now and then you feel you need a strong knowledgeable hand around the house fixing a few things – and that’s exactly why we have thousands of great handyman ready to take on your home repairment tasks. However, in the times when we have sites like ContractorsFromHell with people posting their contractor […]