Is Food Intolerance Really an Allergy or Just a Mental Issue

Is Food Intolerance Really an Allergy or Just a Mental Issue?

Many people claim to have some sort of food intolerance even if they really don’t. For some people, being gluten-free or dairy-free is a trendy lifestyle choice. But for others, these are necessary dietary restrictions due to allergies and auto-immune disorders. Because food restrictions have become a widely accepted epidemic, people with true allergies aren’t […]

Reasons Why Eating Tofu Might Actually Do More Harm than Good

Reasons Why Eating Tofu Might Actually Do More Harm than Good

Tofu is a popular food in our grocery stores, restaurants and kitchens. It’s often touted as an amazing health food for vegans, vegetarians and the rest of us. But scientists and health coaches are advising people to steer clear of this versatile, protein-packed vegetarian option. According to research, it’s harmful and detrimental to your health. […]

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Who would have thought that some fresh lemon juice and water could be so good for you? This simple beverage packs quite a punch when it comes to health benefits. So, if you’re looking to boost your health in a quick and easy way, read on to learn more about this citrus elixir. 9 Health […]

meatless diet

How to Get the Most Nutrition Out of Your Meatless Diet

Lifestyle and health choices are very personal. Usually, ethics, environment or spirituality influence our choices. One common health choice is a meatless diet. And if that resonates with you, it’s important to inform yourself because it’s not enough to simply cut meat out in order to enjoy a better diet. And careful meal planning ensures […]

healthy breakfast

10 Incredibly Easy and Healthy Breakfast Meal Ideas

After all this Halloween cooking and before Thanksgiving & Christmas cooking craze, you’ll probably want to take it easy. Even if that’s not the case and you are just having a busy lifestyle, you’ll need to have some go-to healthy breakfast meal ideas that will give you enough power to get through the morning successfully, […]

breakfast cereal

Is Breakfast Cereal Dangerous For Your Child?

Fruit Loops, Cini Minis, Captain Crunch … Who could say no to the sugary wonderland that breakfast cereal can be! However, with every highly processed food arises the main issue: is it really good if your child eats breakfast cereal every morning? You’d be amazed to hear that breakfast cereal is not as harmless as it […]

gluten myths

Gluten Myths Debunked – 5 Facts About Gluten You Didn’t Know

Gluten intolerance, gluten-free diets and gluten overall is not simply a majorly discussed topic, it’s a terrible problem spreading like a disease (see what I did there). Generally, people are divided into 2: those who believe gluten is the big-bad wolf of our menus and go around telling they are gluten intolerant (though they are […]

fruits healthy

Are Fruits Healthy? Learn Why Fruits Can Be Bad For You

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Well, it might not be completely true. Fruits and their health benefits are long disputed and it has been scientifically proved that both sides are correct: fruits are healthy and fruits aren’t healthy. So what to believe if even science is confused? The answer is actually […]

boxed cake mixes

Top 10 Reasons Why Boxed Cake Mixes Are Not Worth It

It might easily seem that boxed cake mixes do no harm and are the handiest baking products available as all the hassle with nailing your own cake mix might deem to be a complicated task. Well, here’s the cold hard truth – boxed cake mixes should be the very last resort as they do nothing […]